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Do This and Watch Them Soar


A simple thank you goes a long way! Sometimes I think it can be easy to forget how impactful it is to show appreciation to the important people in your life. And in business, how important it is to show appreciation to your team members.

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I make it my mission to give gratitude, which is the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful, as much as I can. A key part of my morning ritual is giving gratitude for all the things I am thankful for –

Today I am thankful for:

  • My wonderful family and awesome partner in life
  • My amazing extended family called Roma Moulding, and all the amazing people who make up this amazing brand we get to represent
  • The health that I’m blessed with, and the health of all the people who surround me
  • The hard work, dedication and loyalty of each Roma team member
  • Our amazing partners who have help us grow and prosper, who believing in us, appreciate us, and who have supported us over the past 31 years
  • My amazing little dog

Why do I do this every day? Because it helps program my mind to focus on what is rather than what isn’t. It allows me to remember what I have.

Recently at Roma Moulding we surveyed our team and asked what they would like to see more of. We got a lot of great responses, from more videos, to staff fun days and team building exercises. But the number one answer that resonated the most with our leadership team and myself was that more than anything else, our team valued feeling appreciated, and we could do more of it. We continually make an effort to appreciate our team, every day. For example, every Friday we send a “WOW of the Week”, distributed company-wide, which recognizes a team member who went above and beyond that week. But we could do more. Our team wants a section of acknowledgement and giving thanks – something we’re working on as we speak!

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