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  • We recommend using a soft, lint free cloth that is free of dyes or chemicals. Slightly dampen the cloth with water and make sure not to use harsh or abrasive cleansers. We do not recommend any type of conditioner, or chemical be placed on your Roma frames. Simply dusting the frame, and cleaning it with a clean, damp cloth should help keep your frames looking great.

    Remember that our frames are made from wood and other natural materials, which can be affected by age, exposure to sun, heat, cold and humidity. It’s a good idea to take those factors into consideration when placing your frame in your home or in temporary storage.

  • The “outside size” or “finished size” refers to the dimensions of a complete framed piece from the outermost edges of both the width and height of the piece.

  • Characteristics, including type and grade of wood, along with the style of finish and method used to create the finish are just a few of the variances in picture frame prices. The leafing process, for example, is a time intensive procedure that takes several hours and must be completed by hand. Prices may also be affected if genuine gold or silver leafing is used instead of foil.

    Some manufacturers use lighter, low-grade woods and strictly machine finish their products. Roma refuses to compromise quality and therefore uses only the finest high-quality wood and finishes in our mouldings, which are all proudly handmade in Italy.

  • Custom Framing is the process of personally selecting a frame and/or mat board with the assistance of a professional framer to compliment and/or preserve various art mediums or memorabilia.

    It takes a great deal of skill, creativity, and innovation to create a framed piece so beautiful that it not only enhances the medium (artwork), but the environment in which it is displayed. It requires a good sense of design, exceptional attention to detail, and the know-how to bring all these elements together.

    Our passion lies in the creation of unique and beautiful mouldings used in custom framing. Created for the skilled custom framer, our mouldings are the ideal choice for your treasured possessions.