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  • Please reach out to our customer care team immediately. If we have not begun production on your order, we can arrange to change or cancel the order. If we have started production, unfortunately it cannot be changed and a new order will be required.

  • For Roma Partners: If your order arrives in a visibly damaged package, please try to have the courier acknowledge the damage and sign the delivery slip. We do ask that you take photos of the damaged box and product. Please reach out to our customer care team as soon as possible to report the damage. We can assist with a replacement or return.

    For customers who purchased from a Roma Partner: If your product has been damaged and you would like to have it repaired or replaced, please contact the retailer from which the original purchase was made. Depending on the degree of the damage, various actions can be taken. If the product is damaged on the surface, the retailer may have a method to repair or touch up the finish. If the damage is more serious, the retailer may decide to have the product replaced. Contact our Customer Care Department at 1-800-263-2322 to have a discussion as to the severity of the damage and suggested actions to be taken.