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W 13/16"

H 13/16"

R 9/16"



The Arber Collection is a stunning combination of contemporary and traditional style. Inspired by nature’s grace and beauty, each moulding brings the calm and beauty of nature inside the home.

  • Dimensions

    Width 13/16"

    Height 13/16"

    Rabbet Height 9/16"

  • Attributes

    Colorant Finish, Flat Profile, Collection Simply Roma

  • Available As

    Chop, Rail, Join, Contract, Length, Photo Frame, Corner Sample, Box

To clean your frame, please use a soft, dry cloth with gentle pressure. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives that may cause damage. With proper care, you can help preserve your frame's beauty and longevity.

This moulding was made in Italy in accordance with the highest EU material and production standards and will be shipped to you using nearly 100% recycled materials.

We are committed to sourcing natural, environmentally sustainable woods, we use only water-based paints, and our wood paste is 100% natural, composed of fine wood particles, natural oils, and glues.

Roma also partners with One Tree Planted and the Nature Conservancy to positively impact communities and ecosystems all over the world.

One Tree Planted LogoThe Nature Conservatory Logo
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In our mission to Move, Inspire and WOW, we at Roma Moulding would like to ensure that you are truly happy with your purchase. If you receive your order and you are not completely satisfied with the product, returning it is just as easy as ordering it! View our fullReturns & Exchange Policy

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